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Contact the Principal about information, files and media on the website. 

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Contact the Webmaster about features, styling, accessibility or performance of the website.

Note: The St. Agnes Elementary School Webmaster is a 100% volunteer position. Please allow time for them to reply to messages.



If you haven't been following along, you may be wondering why everything looks different all of a sudden.

You may also be wondering where that page you can't find anymore is.


Did it get deleted?   - or -   Did it just get moved?

We've begun overhauling the website to bring you a more modern look and updated content that is both more user friendly and visually appealing. The website was difficult for non-technically savvy users to update and maintain, and thus was under-utilized as a resource. We want you to be able to use the St. Agnes Elementary School website again.

Part of this task involves restructuring the site map and how content is displayed to you- so some information might temporarily disappear... but it will be available again once it's ready for public consumption.

If you believe that a certain piece of work has a higher priority to redesign, contact us and we will work to get it done as soon as we can!

-St. Agnes Webmaster


We will be adding a sitemap soon!

Q. What is a sitemap?


A. A sitemap is a basically the "Table of Contents" for a website. While a site should be easy to navigate for visitors without a sitemap, maybe you're trying to find information that's on a page which is more than one level in... (think

You have to first go to our Home page, hover over the HOME button, and then click the Announcements link. It's a simple example, but there's plenty more information to be found, and not all of it is just one click away.

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