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St. Agnes Supporters

The Parents, Teachers and Children of St. Agnes

greatly appreciate all of your support!

St. Agnes Alumni


St. Vincent de Paul


St. Agnes PTO


Bloomsdale Fire Department


Jerry Hermann Construction


U.S. Postal Service


Mr. Vince Hermann


Bloomsdale C Barn


Dairy Queen Restaurant


Drury Contracting


Bloomsdale Food Mart


K-2 Consultants, Inc.


Construction Engineers

McDonalds Restaurant

Ste. Genevieve Sheriffs Dept.

Dew Drop Inn

Speed's Service Center


Lurk Custom Cabinets


Bloomsdale Excavating


County Do-It Center


Mary's Market South


Mr. Steve Donze


Shuh Plumbing & Heating


Schmelzle Interiors


Marzuco Electric, Inc.


Angstrom Manufacturing


County Sheriff's Department


Ste. Gen. Co. Health Dept.


Bloomsdale Health Clinic


Fallert School Bus Service


Wehmeyer Printing Company


Kozy Kitchen Restaurant

Holcim (U.S. Inc)


Mr. Eric Scott


Midwest Marketing


Ste. Genevieve Herald


Mr. Ralph Drury


Mr. Marvin Drury


Premier Shutters


Knights of Columbus


Donze Communications


Bauman Wood Heating


Bank of Bloomsdale


Centermark Construction


Kleins Medicenter Pharmacy


Ste. Genevieve Hospital


Mid-West Lawn


Ste. Genevieve Vet Clinic

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