Ways your gift purchases could help St. Agnes


St. Agnes Principal


Dear St. Agnes family

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas giving season approaching I wanted to remind everyone on several ways your gift purchases could benefit St. Agnes:

1)Hard copy Scrip: We do have a limited amount of scrip cards left. See enclosed our current inventory. If interested, please schedule a time to purchase from Anna in the parish office

2) Scrip online. Though we are no longer purchasing new scrip cards for sale in the parish office, you can still buy scrip online through the Raise Right App. See enclosed instructions on how to buy online. Please note that you can only purchase scrip that you can pay yourself online and have shipped to your home. Also note a new feature is"rechargeable gift cards" You can buy the cards online AND recharge them online. We have several parishioners that purchase gas cards which they recharge themselves and St.Agnes gets the commission each time.

3) Amazon Smiles. If you buy through Amazon there is a way that a percent of your purchase will go to St. Agnes. See the enclosed instructions on how to sign up for Amazon Smiles.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

- Eric Emmett
PTO President

- scripinventorynov2021.pdf

- StAgnesOnline.pdf

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