Please call the St. Agnes school office for registration information.

Phone number: 
(573) 483-2506


Current St. Agnes families can register by logging into EduConnect and updating your family and student information.


We have moved all of our registration forms to EduConnect.

You should choose to enroll your

child at St. Agnes Elementary because...

Smaller Classes

We have smaller class sizes than public schools. Children get more individual attention in classes here!

Better Outcomes

Children who attend Catholic Schools tend to outperform their public school peers in later years.

Growing Faith

Your child will be encouraged to explore and grow their faith as a Catholic school student.

If you're ready to join St. Agnes Elementary,

Complete the steps below...

  1.   Download the registration forms
    Click here to open the forms page

  2.   Fill out the registration forms

  3.   Email us the finished registration forms

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