Scrips                                                                                                                             Year Round


This fundraiser also supplements the $120 Donation program. See the Scrip information enclosed in the parent folder for details.


Projected Profit: $9,000


Volunteers required: 6 total, 2 to manage the day-to-day functions and 4+ to sell Scrips after the St. Agnes masses on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month.


Additional Information: For current programs or special incentives, watch for notices to come home or check the St. Agnes web site We only limit our profit by the amount of participation.






$120 Donation                                                                                                                 May - April


Projected Profit: $120 x number of families = profit


Volunteers required: 1


Donations required: A total of $120 from each school family to be donated over the course of the school year. The option to contribute to this fundraiser through the purchase of Scrips is available. Each family is required to sign a commitment form for the current school year. See the Scrip information letter for further details.


Additional Information: Donations are collected with minimal effort resulting in maximum results if all participate. This program eliminates the need to sell multiple items as a means of raising funds.






Lables/Box Tops for Education                                                                                             Year Round


Purpose: Labels and Box Tops are collected throughout the school year. The labels are worth points and Box tops are worth $$. With a great number of points, the school can choose merchandise from catalogs. For example, points were recently redeemed for playground equipment (balls, etc Projected


Profit: Valued in points or dollars


Volunteers required: 1-2 to cut, arrange, mail off labels and Box Tops.


Donations required: The following labels: Tyson A+, Campbell’s Labels for Education, Box Tops and Best Choice. Notes are sent home stating what labels are to be redeemed.




Paper Recycling                                                                                                                  Year Round


Purpose: To protect the environment and make some money in the process. The profits from past years purchased new books for the SRC Reading Program.


Projected Profit: Presently we do not receive a profit but our efforts are helping save the environment. Volunteers required: 1 Donations required: Paper, paper, paper! Check the dumpsters on the school parking lot for do’s and don’ts. Hardback books can be recycled. Please bring to school to have the cover removed.


Additional Information: Watch the bulletin for information regarding incentives.





Football Mania                                                                                                                              Fall


Purpose: Each ticket sold has a chance of winning weekly prize money for the 17 week program. For each ticket sold, the PTO earns 70% of the selling price. (See “How the Football Mania sweepstakes works” handout in your packet for detailed information.)


Projected Profit: $5,000 or more


Volunteers required: 6 individuals to run fundraiser plus ALL families to participate. Families to sell at least 4 tickets. (Much less time and donating compared to the Kris Kringle Karnival which this fund raiser replaces)


Donations required: NONE





Trivia Night                                                                                                                           February 24


Purpose: A fun evening event for the community.


Projected Profit: $5,000


Volunteers Link to Choose Shift


Donations required from each school family: as determined by committee


Additional Information: This event does not require every family to work. Parents can enjoy an evening out and support our school at the same time. Since this event is new, the people on the committee will be setting the standards for this fundraiser. More information will be sent to all as the event gets closer.






Sausage Breakfast                                                                                                         Palm Sunday


Purpose: A parish function that brings the school an income while providing a social gathering of our parish and school families. Average Profit: $3500 to $4,000


Volunteers required: 35 volunteers divided into two shifts. This includes 8th graders.


Donations required: One whole hog, processed into sausage. A donation of eggs would be appreciated this year due to the increasing cost of groceries.


Additional Information: Tickets are sold in advance for this meal by the school families.






School Mall                                                                                                       Spring


Purpose: Money raised goes to technology needs.


Average Profit: $600


Volunteers required: 1


Donations required: None


Additional Information: Every parent is asked to fill out a booklet of 10 names and addresses. This takes approximately 15 minutes. There is nothing to buy and takes only a few minutes of your time.


Special note: A single mailing goes out to all addresses that are submitted. There is no requirement for the addressees to respond to the mailing in any way. (We earn the money for filling out the address booklet.) Encourage the recipients to purchase or recycle the mailing in our recycling program. What a great way to earn more money on an already easy fund raiser!






The Country Store/Lawrenceton Picnic                                                                                          July


Purpose: Money is intended for various needs of the school submitted to PTO.


Average Profit: $700 Volunteers required: 10-16 (not just the 7th grade)


Donations required: Home-canned veggies, fruits, etc., produce, baked goods, craft items are collected from generous school families and parishioners.


Additional Information: Tent and tables are needed and usually borrowed from the K of C Hall with help from the area Boy Scouts.

Call Us: 573-483-2506  /   /  30 St. Agnes Dr. PO Box 154 Bloomsdale MO 63627

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