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Our parochial school was started in 1879 with 20 students. The first classrooms were in a four-room house. A two-story school building was completed in 1905, with an enrollment of 60 students.


By 1920 the enrollment had grown, and by the ’30s, the two-story building was crowded. The use of a vacant small public school building across the road was utilized for grades 7 and 8. In September 1937, our rock building was dedicated.


Growth for our school continued. In November 1975 dedication of our brick building took place, becoming our primary school. The rock building became our middle school. Enrollment peaked in the mid-’70s with 240 students. By 1994 a full-day Kindergarten was started and in 2004 Pre-K was added.


In 2004 we completed yet another addition. This joined all our buildings under one roof. It also created a computer room, a science lab, and additional office space, as well as more classrooms and restrooms.  


For over 100 years the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood provided instruction at our school. The end of that era came in 2007 with the passing of long-time principal, Sr. Donna Marie Kist. 


We currently offer Kindergarten through 8th-grade classes, with an enrollment of 128 students.


To see more information about what our school has to offer click here.

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